Investment Performance in April 2014

From this month, I also want to present this graph in a tabular form, to make it easier to understand. This is available below.

April was not such a great month. I only marginally outperformed the NIFTY, and probably underperformed the SBI Midcap fund, but not by much. This also brings the annualized portfolio performance into poor light, down from the over 100% run rate from the previous month.

Some of my top holdings underperformed severely last month. Cummins, Selan, IDFC, Larsen, Oberoi, Mayur, MPS, Sesa Sterlite and NTPC all fell last month, and these constitute 7 of my top holdings. I also exited Just Dial (at a loss), and MCX, though my holdings were rather small. Stocks which performed well last month included PTC India Financial Services (PFS), Clariant and Jaypee Infra.

All in all, a disappointing month. Depending on election results, we will see how the future plays out.

Returns My Portfolio Kotak Classic SBI Midcap Nifty
Last Month 1% 1% 1% 0%
Last 3 Months 23% 9% 13% 12%
Since Nov, 2013 29% 12% 26% 9%

Portfolio Composition, May 2014

As promised, the top stocks in my portfolio, at the beginning of the month. I have already published this for two prior months, and here is the portfolio as on May 02, 2014.

Notable additions during the month have been an increased exposure to IDFC. After a fairly stellar run in the middle of April due to the announcement of the new bank license, IDFC has been weak. I have taken advantage of this weakness to buy more. For me, IDFC represents an investment for 5 years, at least. Hopefully, over that period, it will become a multibagger. Right now, it is weak because a) It lends mostly to Infrastructure, and infrastructure has been a dog. People are afraid of NPA’s and rightfully so. But IDFC seems to have managed its NPA situation really well, even in a difficult environment. b) There is fear that the short term costs of IDFC transiting to a bank (increased SLR, CRR requirements, and increased expenses on opening branches) may put a lid on profitability and c) Uncertainty over the path to convert to a bank, and the likely FII dilution as a result.

For me, all of these are short term things, and ignores a) the phenomenal performance of IDFC NBFC relative to PSU banks in terms of NPA’s  b) the excellent performance of IDFC PE Fund, IDFC AMC and other subsidiaries. and c) the increased long term profitability resulting from an ability to get CASA deposits.

My largest purchase is the month has been another AMC, IL & FS Investment Managers. I really like the Fund Management business. Once you get a fund going, you have a fixed income for several years, and in addition, you might just get additional income from Carry. IL & FS has a great track record, gives excellent dividends, and I think this will continue, especially if the Indian Investment Climate improves.

Another stock which has underperformed in the last month in Oberoi Realty. While all realty stocks have done poorly, Oberoi has done badly too. I expect the May 10 results to be poor (probably the last set of poor results), and if so, I will buy into the price dip.

This month, I also bought Clariant Chemicals, adding to my earlier position. I think that my initial purchase of Clariant was sound (around 580 levels). I am not sure my current purchases are sound. I will put up a detailed note on Clariant once the March results are out. However, I am holding on, since I expect a dividend of 350 to 400 Rs., and I could use the tax free income, and subsequent stripping loss.

This month, I added to RS Software and Munjal Showa, though the positions are still too modest to show up here. I will keep adding to these positions.

Stock Latest Price Inv. Price Overall Gain % % of Portfolio
Selan Explore 497.6 315.5 57.71 3.9
Cummins 524.45 404.1 29.78 3.7
IDFC 110.55 107.3 2.99 3.6
Balkrishna Ind 528.3 231.2 128.48 3.0
Larsen 1,263.55 949.9 33.01 2.5
ILandFS 13.7 13.6 0.64 2.5
Kaveri Seed 656.35 296.6 121.26 2.4
Oberoi Realty 208.05 177.6 17.14 2.4
Mayur Uniquoter 288.6 111.0 159.92 2.3
Sun Pharma Adv 170.45 121.9 39.8 2.3
Clariant 705 615.9 14.47 2.3
NMDC 152.2 121.7 25.11 2.3
MPS 363.75 123.4 194.85 2.2
NTPC 114.45 131.6 -13.02 2.1
Sesa Sterlite 180.55 151.0 19.57 2.0
Hind Zinc 126.1 121.0 4.21 1.8
Tata Inv Corp 477.1 405.0 17.81 1.8
Jaypee Infra 24.85 18.6 33.48 1.7
EID Parry 152.35 139.7 9.09 1.7
ITC 340.25 301.0 13.05 1.7
IRB Infra 115.8 81.3 42.35 1.7
Bharat Forge 406 272.3 49.13 1.7
eClerx Services 1,239.80 757.3 63.71 1.6
Reliance 928.1 756.1 22.74 1.6
ICICI Bank 1,252.40 933.8 34.12 1.5
Sobha Developer 377.3 288.6 30.72 1.5
TCS 2,208.45 1771.2 24.69 1.5
Indian Hotels 70.95 53.3 33.2 1.4
Poly Medicure 481.25 278.4 72.89 1.4
Bajaj Electric 287.75 209.8 37.13 1.4
Munjal Auto Ind 52.95 34.0 55.77 1.4
PI Industries 249.65 144.6 72.61 1.3