Investment Performance January 2018

Investment Performance January 2018

January 2018 was an eventful month for investment. The first half saw the midcap and smallcap indices at all time highs. This also propelled my portfolio to all time highs.  My portfolio saw an all time high on January 11, 2018. After that the whole month of January 2018 was downhill and indeed, 31st January 2018 was also the low for the month for the portfolio.

It is to my dismay that I realized that I was buying stocks (albeit in small quantities) throughout January. In my defense, I was not buying expensive stocks-I was buying Muthoot Finance, Aarti Industries and Equitas Holdings (based on a Moneylife recommendation). Nevertheless, there is some foolishness in buying stock when markets are at all time highs or just below that. It is of small comfort that my total buying was not more than 1% of my portfolio. It is the psychological aspects of the purchase which troubles me.

Here is my investment performance as measured against other benchmarks:

Investment Performance
Investment Performance compared against different benchmarks

As can be seen from the graph and the table below, inspite of the rise and fall of the market in January 2018, my portfolio did not really move in the month, even though intra-month there was quite a good gap. The Centrum PMS did surprisingly well for the month, and I really can’t understand why. Nevertheless, except for SBI Small and Midcap fund (despite underperformance during the month), my investments did better than the other benchmarks.

Trading Performance
Investment and Trading Performance in January 2018