Lack of Updates on this blog

It has been more than a year since I posted anything on this blog.

Previously, I was posting my investment performance everymonth.

Nowadays (since around March last year), I don’t monitor my investment performance every day. Previously, I used to purchase (mostly) or sell stock everyday. However, since the last year, this trading frequency has come down considerably. One, because I reached my target of how much money I wanted to invest in stocks as a percentage of my overall portfolio. Second, because I could not find the kind of bargains I wanted. In the last two months, some of the bargains did appear (and because my portfolio shrunk, I again have room to invest in stocks withing my overall asset allocation plan). Alas, I was short of cash because of a variety of investment needs and taxes, so I could not do so.

However, I do monitor my investment performance on a quarterly basis. At the beginning of April, I shall post my portfolio performance, along with my choice of stocks.

Another reason that I don’t monitor my investment portfolio that much is that I am reasonably satisfied with it. It contains a set of diversified stocks (diversified on the basis on industry, size, short term and long term prospects, dividend yield), which I don’t wish to tweak very much.

So I will keep posting portfolio updates every quarter. However, this blog shall now be a lot more about my trading systems performance.

More on this later!!

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