The Reason for this Blog

Investment is a private thing. An investing journey even more so. After all, who wants to tell the world what they are worth, or how much they earn? Some people might be jealous, others may be dismissive, depending on their own wealth/perspective.

So then why write a blog on my investing journey? There are a few reasons:


a) It is just me, but if my portfolio performance is public, then it puts some degree of pressure on me. That is just the way I am made. I would like to feel this pressure. As far as possible, though, I will not reveal the size of the portfolio.

b) I also feel that as I keep learning, one must keep documenting that learning. Without documentation, it is easy to delude oneself into thinking that one has learnt, and then keep repeating the same mistakes. I could keep this learning to myself, in some sort of dairy, of course. But I suspect that I will be more careful about the documentation if I know it is going to be seen by many people.

c) Hopefully, from my learning, there will be some lessons for other people. Every mistake I make does not have to repeated by everyone. Some of these mistakes are likely to be mine alone, since they are peculiar to my circumstances and my behavioural biases. However, some of the mistakes are likely to be universal. And as I learn to overcome these mistakes, I will post this learning here. And hopefully, some young people will find this learning useful.

d) No man is an island. And no one is a know-it-all. Through this blog, I also hope to start a dialogue, with other persons similarly inclined. Hopefully, over a period of time, we can gather a group around this blog, who can both give new ideas to each other, and correct my mistakes with their own wisdom.

So that is my rationale. I hope I can keep this blog active, and contribute regularly.